Venice Beach [Muscle Beach]

這一天,會來到威尼斯海灘是因為這兒有美國健美先生,健美小姐的比賽;聽說這兒也叫做肌肉海灘(Muscle Beach)。

This day, I drive to Venice Beach because there is a competition for Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach. 



When I arrived, maybe because the competition, there are many people doing exercise or maybe they are the contestants doing warm up. 



There are much more people than I expect, so I can't even get into the stage.



When I go to the back, there is a (local) journalist who is interviewing the contestants although I only can find him interview the girls...



Not only compete the muscle, even the hair style is very important. Maybe only important for the audience to recognize.



The back yard is a better place for us to observe the contestants closely. I guess this is why many people are here. One thing really bothers me, why all the athletes are brown and shiny? Especially some of them are coming from Korea. As I know, the girls in Korea have the same idea in Taiwan, fair skin is beauty not brown. My colleague who also joined the competition answered my question, the oil they put on their skin not also make the skin shiny, but also make it brown which can help the judges to see the muscles more easily. When they can tell how well you trained the muscles, you can get the high scores.




After the competition, I take a walk along the Venice Beach. It makes me think about Tamsui Old Street. There are artists, restaurants and some special little store on the sides of the street. It's really nice to take a walk like that. Here is more comfortable because it has less people. The 2nd photo above is an interesting place. It's called Freak Show and you need to pay 5 dollars to get in.




At the beach, there is also a place for practicing skateboard.



This photo shows why I like the beach in California. No crowded people here and you can just take an umbrella to pick the spot you want. And just relax for the whole afternoon~

地址: 2820 Beach Ave, Venice, CA 90291, United States
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